Residents of the MMWeg get a special discount on the rental price.

But the rules apply to everyone, of course. Frequently asked question and further details are listed below.

Rental Price


Even if you do not live in the residence, you can rent the Mühle.

If you do not yet know the Mühle, we would like to invite you to drink a beer, next Thursday. Purely relating to business, of course. You can also send a mail to vermietung@mmweg.rwth‑ and arrange a visit.

Rental Price

What you can rent

The counter including the beer tap, as well as the sound and lighting system will be at your disposal.

You have to provide the drinks yourself. We can order a 30 liter barrel of Krombacher for you.

What dates are still free is visible in the calendar. Please note that we only rent once per weekend. So either only Friday or Saturday.

Please note that the Mühle is not rented to people under 19 years.

When you’ve found a date you’d like to book, just send a mail to the humans responsible for the rental:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people fit into the Mühle?
    About 80 adults.
  • Do we have to bring glasses or plates?
    We provide enough glasses of many kinds. Talk to us about what and how many glasses you need..
    You have to bring plates and cutlery yourself, if you need it.
  • Do I have to bring my own stereo system?
    No, the Mühle provides a complete sound system.
    You can bring your music on a thumb drive. There is also an internet-capable computer in the Mühle.
  • What exactly is contained in the rent?
    • The furnished room (except table football),
    • glasses of beforehand agreed upon kind and amount,
    • the "rinse boy",
    • the small fridge,
    • the beer tap (if requested)
    • the sound system,
    • enough towels and toilet paper,
    • cleaning materials for the day after.
  • What else can I rent?
    • beer tents for 5€ a piece,
    • high tables for 5€ a piece,
    • table football for 15€.